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Optimizing Marketing News Releases for Searches

May 27, 2010

I recently came across some tips for gaining top visibility for press releases in both search engines and media that I thought were worth sharing.

Following are excerpts from a recent session led by Meg Walker, Director of Online Marketing for PRWeb.

1. Meet audience demand.
To me, this is the first step in any successful marketing communications endeavor. Walker reminds us, though, that this step is critical in finding the right hook.

She recommends the following criteria:
* Know your audience. What is it potential prospects and media are interested in? In what tone should they be spoken to? Do they appreciate a certain angle over another?
* Be relevant. More than just understanding your audience, give them content that is both relevant and timely
* Satisfy customer demand. To know what the demand is, first research popular trends in search engines and monitor the pulse of your industry. By creating content that is related to hot topics, you can create far more visibility for your releases.

2. Stay focused.
We used to call this the “single ad message.” What is the one thing you want your audience to feel or remember as a result of seeing your message?

The same strategy goes for press releases. Writing about only one topic per release will keep keywords focused, and it will rank higher in search engines. Saying too much dilutes your message, and you run the risk that the audience will miss your key point.

3. Use images for search.
Images can increase the click-through rate on releases in both regular and news search by 15 – 25%.

The experts at PRWeb say they have seen releases that used 3 images generate more than 50 articles.

“We also find that many people are discovering images via image search, which then draws them back not only to the release, but to the customer web sites.”

4. Use videos to engage visitors
Using video in news releases can increase time on pages by up to 500 percent.

Video content is becoming more common, but right now, the inclusion of video is still a great way to stand out.

5. Optimize your release
Walker recommends the following specific tactics:

Anchor text links – use 3:

• One to homepage

• One to product page

• One to blog post

Alt-tag – An alt tag helps your images get discovered in search engines.

URL Keyword – Top keywords can be used as part of the URL string, so be sure and include those during the release selection process.

Description Tag – Add a keyword-rich and compelling description tag.

Title of release – The title of the release will become the title tag of the page, which is a vital element of your on-page optimization. If you have a target phrase, ensure your phrase leads the title of the release.

Online Video Viewing Soars

May 27, 2010

Nearly 19 percent more Americans viewed more videos for longer periods of time in 2009 compared to last year, according to comScore’s 2009 US Digital Year in Review.

Americans watched a total of 33.2 billion videos in 2009, accounting for a 150 percent increase from 14.3 billion in 2008. Americans also spent an average of 4.1 minutes on each video, compared to 3.2 minutes in 2008.

Is the iPad the next buzz healthcare marketing tool?

May 22, 2010

With the launch of Apple’s new iPad, as healthcare marketer, I have been pondering whether it is “the next big thing”. I dont think I am alone!

A health system in Idaho, St. Luke’s, is using a new iPad interactive video from Unity Medical Inc., a provider of digital health tools.

The program includes educational content for patients undergoing medical procedures. Patients can view videos and testimonials on iPads in the hospital or download content directly from the iTunes store to their iPad.

The Walt Disney building at Florida Hospital for Children is also using the new iPad application to explain common medical procedures such as CT scans & MRIs to patients.

What a great and intuitive way to use technology. What an amazing and easy to use device.  It has a user-friendly design that truly makes consuming content a pleasure.

As health care clients, we are often afraid to use new technology, but the iPad offers both high-tech and friendly tool.  In my opinion the iPad is a great delivery vehicle for patient education and marketing messages.

Top 10 Viral Videos :: February 2010

April 28, 2010

1. BMW S1000RR – Dinner Table
2. Pedigree – Dogs
3. Pepsi Max – ‘Oh Africa
4. Nike – The Human Chain
5. Adidas Originals – Street Corner
6. Tropicana – Arctic Sun
7. Sprite – Spark
8. Sony Playstation – Move
9. Specsavers – ‘The Specs Effect,’
10. Natural Gas Belgium – Soft Heat

google dominates landscape in online video

April 28, 2010

US internet users watched 32 billion videos in January 2010, according to the comScore Video Metrix

Google Sites rank as the top US video property with 13 billion videos, or 4 our of every10 online videos viewed. accounted for nearly 99% of all videos viewed at the property.

Comscore Online Video Content January 2010