7 Responses to “Google’s advise on link building efforts”

  1. seoprosmarketmart Says:

    Link Building is generating a 1 way link to a website to help drive free traffic and increase ones
    page rank in the search engine’s. There are many different ways to go about this in this article i will tell you the best methods that worked for me and many other’s.

    The first method i used was to simply submit to Link Directories basically it would be a profile about your business catagorized to your line of business. Chooseing high PR directories means your site will come up when there’s does in the search engine. This is done by someone searching for one of your keywords in the search engine. The more Links you have to your site the more it will come up thus increaseing your pagerank. Directories dont quite hold as much weight as they used to now though this is because so many people abused this method and now it can be more of a negative and only the top directories and high PR ones will actually hold weight.

    Blog posts are another great way to build High PR Back Links the difference is blog posts hold their ground better and last longer. At the same time they hold more weight for ranking in the search engines. This is done best by hand by reading the post and posting a relevant reply with your hyperlink. The chance of your BackLink being approved is realy good aslong as your post is good. Simple one liners like “great post” will not get approved and flagged as spam.

    Social Bookmarking is another form registering with social bookmark site allow you a signature and a link in profile plus they hold strong value aslong as you continue to participate in social activity. The problem with social bookmarking is some people abuse it by just pinging there logins once a month with automated tools. This will eventually get you banned from the search engines if you get caught.

    In conclusion natural is the way to go there are some legit online company’s that will build you backlinks for a good price and they do it naturaly so very effective i myself use linkwizards.biz for 10 out of 10 service quality and pricing.

  2. seoprosmarketmart Says:

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  3. JohnXL Says:

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