What Women Want … from the web

Men have been asking for years and I have finally found the answer … logic included, lads!

I came across a new report from Unicast on “what women want … from the web” published this June.

It concluded that 95% of women plan to go online and 62% respond to online advertising.

Women between 18 and 24 use the web more than any other age group for all activities – except keeping up to date with the news! 53% compared to 67% overall. Can you believe it?

The Unicast study reported that women who visit blogs notice online advertising more. While this age group accounts for just 13% of all women who read blogs regularly it shows females are potentially more open to advertising from relevant sources of information that they trust. This group is also more receptive to online advertising in various formats than the general population, especially localised information, surveys, social media format and even downloadable content.

This new report also finds that women are planning to carry out these activities online ::

  • 76% plan to connect with friends & family
  • 67% will follow news
  • 64% plan to shop & compare prices
  • 59% will seek activities [watch movies, listen to music & play games]
  • 48% will research vacations or travel plans

The online ads that resonate with women:

  • 46% – include sales or discount codes
  • 31% – feature submitting an entry to win a prize
  • 24% – provide customized local information
  • 22% – offer interactive surveys

The products women most notice ads for:

  • 35% – entertainment
  • 33% – food and beverages, or health/beauty products
  • 30% – fashion/clothing
  • 27% – travel
  • 20% – gaming

View the Full Report


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