2010 Predictions :: Social Media, SEO and …

Industry experts, I do not include myself, are pitching 2010 as the year of mobile.

With the continued adoption of 3G mobiles and great advances in technology, they see big opportunity for brands to build connection points with patients [consumers] on this platform. Social media is proving to be the most readily adopted digital media channel in the mobile space by users.

Mobile applications such as Foursquare illustrate that users are embracing the opportunity to update their profiles or announce their locations to their fellow social followers, so brands should seek to position and integrate the right message at the right time and place.

While other kinds of mobile marketing, such as mobile search, is not as widely adopted, people still seek information on the go.

To wrap up, while SEO and SEM may be overshadowed by the lure of apps and other slick forms of mobile advertising, the search element of mobile should still be considered part of the overall strategy, just as mobile is an extension of the digital platform.


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